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Questions together

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments. For users’ question, we answered it togerther here.

1, Copy DVDs from hard drive, you can choose “From hard disk” from the dropdownlist of the source. While the target, you can see to blank discs, ISO, and to hard drive.

2, mulitiply copy, just click the icon on the left top of the soft, and choose “settings”, and turn to copy tab, check the option “Set burning speed, Copy numbers, Volume name before burning”, then start burning, when burning started , you can get a window for you to enter the speed, copy nubmers and volume name.

3, For region, don’t worry, you don’t need to pay attention to it, our program make region free dvds for you, you don’t need burns of different regions.

4, For register, please use the username and code that Giveaway provides, do copy and paste it to volid typing errors. However, even you don’t register with the code, you can click “Try” button to start trials, we provide 10 times full function trials, no copying time limitation or watermarks. Just have a try.

5, For the price, we now provide a discount price of $39.97 for lifetime, pay one time and get lifetime upgrades, and lifetime technology support. This program can hundle any DVD whether protected or not, don’t need supports of third party.

6, This program is designed for DVDs only, it can’t handle blu-ray or cds, to copy blu-ray, you can try our another program Longo Blu-ray Copy from http://www.longodvd.com/windows.html.

If you have any problems, just sent emails to support@longodvd.com, we’ll reply you in one bussiness day.

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments.

Longo, 10.04.2012, 01:53
Idea status: completed


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